Cover: Monty Python's Flying Circus - The Complete Series 1 [1969] Rating: 10
9 feb. 2013
9 feb. 2013


Regisseur:Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle
Waardering:Suitable for 12 years and over
Studio:Sony Pictures Home Ent.
Talen:English (Subtitles For The Hearing Impaired), English (Subtitled), English (Original Language), Polish (Dubbed), Hungarian (Dubbed)
Releasedatum:mrt. 2007


4:3 -

Region 2


1. Whither Canada?
(episode 1; aired 5 October 1969; recorded 7 September 1969)

It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Famous deaths
Italian lesson
Whizzo Butter
The word "Whizzo" would be used throughout the series as the title of various companies and products, such as Whizzo's Finest Chocolates produced by the Whizzo Chocolate Company, for the Crunchy Frog sketch of episode six.
"It's the Arts"
Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson
Picasso/Cycling Race
The Funniest Joke in the World

2. Sex and Violence
(episode 2; aired 12 October 1969; recorded 30 August 1969)

Flying Sheep
French Lecture on Sheep-Aircraft
A Man with Three Buttocks
A Man with Two Noses
Musical Mice
Marriage Guidance Counsellor
The Wacky Queen
Working-class playwright
The Wrestling Epilogue
Real professional wrestlers portrayed a monsignor and a college professor who debate the existence of God by wrestling.
The Mouse Problem

3. How to Recognise Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away
(episode 3; aired 19 October 1969; recorded 14 September 1969) This episode had the longest title.

The Larch
Court Scene with Cardinal Richelieu
The Larch – Part 2
Bicycle Repair Man: In a town full of people dressed as Superman a man has the secret identity of "Bicycle Repair Man" with the impressive superpower of being able to repair a bicycle with his own hands.
Tirade Against Communists
Children's Stories
Restaurant Sketch
Seduced Milkmen
The woman is often said to be Carol Cleveland, but it is actually Thelma Taylor, who is uncredited. Cleveland does appear in a version of this sketch in the film And Now for Something Completely Different.
Stolen newsreader
The Horse Chestnut
Children's Interview
Nudge Nudge

4. Owl Stretching Time
(episode 4; aired 26 October 1969; recorded 21 September 1969)

Owl Stretching Time was a proposed name for the series itself.

BBC-1 began colour broadcasting officially on 15 November 1969. Since September 1969, however, they had been broadcasting colour programmes "unofficially", so while the whole of the first series was broadcast in colour, this episode was the first to be advertised as being in colour (source: Notes taken from BBC videotape operators and transmission managers made at the time).

Song: "Jerusalem (And did those feet)"
Art Gallery
Art Critic
It's a Dog's Life in the Modern Army
Undressing in Public
Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit
First appearance of the 16-Ton Weight. The 16-Ton Weight would appear in several more episodes including "The BBC Entry to the Zinc Stoat of Budapest", "Intermission", and "Blood, Devastation, Death, War, and Horror".
Secret Service Dentists
Many sketches in this episode are ended prematurely by Graham Chapman's army character ("The Colonel"), who protests rip offs of the British Army's slogan, "It's a Man's Life in the Modern Army"

5. Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the 20th Century
(episode 5; aired 16 November 1969; recorded 3 October 1969)

The Smuggler
A Duck, a Cat and a Lizard (discussion)
Vox Pops on Smuggling
Police Raid
Letters and Vox Pops
Newsreader Arrested
Erotic film
Silly Job Interview – first appeared on How to Irritate People.
Careers Advisory Board
Burglar/Encyclopedia Salesman

6. It's the Arts (or: The BBC Entry to the Zinc Stoat of Budapest)
(episode 6; aired 23 November 1969; recorded 5 November 1969)

Johann Gambolputty
Non-Illegal Robbery
Vox Pops
Crunchy Frog (Whizzo Chocolate Company)
The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker
Red Indian in Theatre
Policemen Make Wonderful Friends
A Scotsman on a Horse
Twentieth-Century Vole

7. You're No Fun Anymore
(episode 7; aired 30 November 1969; recorded 10 October 1969)

Camel Spotting
You're No Fun Any More
The Audit
Science Fiction Sketch
Man Turns Into Scotsman
Police station
Blancmanges Playing Tennis

8. Full Frontal Nudity
(episode 8; aired 7 December 1969; recorded 25 November 1969)

Army Protection Racket
Vox Pops on Full Frontal Nudity
Art Critic – The Place of the Nude
Buying a Bed
Dead Parrot sketch
The Flasher
Hell's Grannies
The theme song from the James Bond film Thunderball is heard.
This episode repeats a running gag from episode 4: a female cast member delivers a terrible joke, and upon protest from fellow cast members wails "But it's my only line!"

Most sketches in this episode are ended prematurely by Graham Chapman's army character ("The Colonel") from the first sketch, who protests that they are "too silly."

9. The Ant, an Introduction
(episode 9; aired 14 December 1969; recorded 7 December 1969)

A Man with a Tape Recorder Up His Nose
Kilimanjaro Expedition (Double Vision)
A Man with a Tape Recorder Up His Brother's Nose
Homicidal Barber
The Lumberjack Song
Letter and Britain's Joke for the Rubber Mac of Zurich Award
Gumby Crooner
The Refreshment Room at Bletchley
Ken Buddha and His Inflatable Knees
Brian Islam and Brucie (animation)
The music is "Banjoreno" by the Dixieland Jug Blowers.
Hunting Film
The music to this is "Waltzing trumpets" by Harry Mortimer.
The Visitors

10. Untitled
(episode 10; aired 21 December 1969; recorded 30 November 1969)

Walk-on Part in Sketch
Bank Robber in a Lingerie Shop
It's A Tree
Vocational Guidance Counsellor
The larch from episode 3 reappears.
Ron Obvious
The First Man to Jump the Channel
Eating Chichester Cathedral
Tunnelling from Godalming to Java
Splitting a railway carriage with his nose
Running to Mercury
Most time being Underground
Pet Conversions
Gorilla Librarian
Letters to Daily Mirror
Strangers in the night
This is the first episode not to show an episode title at the beginning of the closing credits.

11. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom
(episode 11; aired 28 December 1969; recorded 14 December 1969)

Lavatorial Humour
The RPO performs the opening of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in the bathroom.
Agatha Christie (Inspector Tiger)
Literary Football Discussion
Interesting People
Undertakers Film
Eighteenth-Century Social Legislation
The Battle of Trafalgar
Batley Townswomen's Guild Presents the Battle of Pearl Harbour
Undertakers Film

12. The Naked Ant
(episode 12; aired 4 January 1970; recorded 21 December 1969)

Falling From Building
Spectrum – Talking About Things
Visitors From Coventry
Mr. Hilter and the Minehead by-election
Silly Voices at the Police station
Upper Class Twit of the Year
Ken Shabby
How Far Can a Minister Fall?
Nobody Has Anything Else to Say

13. Intermission (or: It's The Arts)
(episode 13; aired 11 January 1970; recorded 4 January 1970)

Short intermission (music: Theme from A Summer Place)
Restaurant Abuse/Cannibalism
Come Back to My Place
Me Doctor
Historical Impersonations
Quiz Programme: "Wishes"
Probe-Around on Crime
Stonehenge and Mr. Attila the Hun
Operating theatre