Cover: Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends Rating: 0
19 apr. 2015


Regisseur:Geoffrey O'Connor, Ed Robbins, Kate Townsend, Daniel Elias, Debbie Geller, Jennifer Crone, Peter Jamieson, Alicia Kerr, Catey Sexton
Script:Louis Theroux
Producent:Louis Theroux, David Mortimer, Kevin Sutcliffe, Geoffrey O'Connor, Ed Robbins, Simon Boyce, Jeremy Gibson, Kate Townsend, Will Yapp, Alicia Kerr, Leeanne Vinson, Steve Grogan, Subrata De, Daniel Elias, Debbie Geller, Jim Margolis, Jennifer Crone, Kuldeep Dhadda, Poppy Adams, Peter Jamieson, Helen Sage, Catey Sexton, Richard Vadon
Theater Verschijning:1998
Studio:BBC Bristol
Genre:Documentary, People
Prijzen:1 win


Disc 1
Weird weekends
Head for the hills
Black nationalism

Disc 2
South Africa
Thai Brides
Gangsta rap*

Disc 3
When Louis met:
Paul & Debbie
Chris Eubank
Ann Widdecombe

Disc 4
The Hamiltons*
Louis & the Nazis
the Brothel
Louis's bits from TV Nation Clips

When I first saw this for preorder I was overjoyed because I thought the collection would be complete. Alas it's missing a lot of great Louis Theroux episodes- some available on past dvds (Hypnosis, UFOs) but many unreleased (Infomercials, Off off broadway, Demolition derby, Louis & Michael Jackson...). Louis writes in the insert that he wanted to include "When Louis met Max Clifford" in the set but Simon Cowell refused to give legal permission. Fans like myself then, can only hope they release a 2nd volume in the near future and Simon finds his sense of humour and relents. Needless to say however that what is part of this collection is well worth the investment.

The back of the dvd box states that due to copyright there have been some edits made to some episodes but I can happily say that whatever edits were made aren't noticible overall. There do seem to be a couple of abrupt cuts in one or two episodes but I have no idea if that wasn't how they were originally broadcast.

Lazily the only extras in this collection are a very young looking Louis' reports from Michael Moore's old TV Nation show. At the very least they could have ported the extras from the previous Weird weekend dvds to this set. At most episode commentaries would have been a very welcome addition.

Regardless of all the could-have-beens if you're a Louis Theroux fan this is an essential purchase and I would also recommend getting his book/audiobook in which Louis revisits and follows up on many of the subjects featured in this collection.


Louis Theroux ... Himself - Presenter / ... (17 episodes, 1998-2000)